You may know Pluto TV from its recent Pluto TV mini-series on HBO, but the BBC has also shown it off on television, in the form of a series called Mom TV.

The series is a mashup of the BBC’s best shows from previous generations of TV, as well as the new generation of shows from Pluto.

But it’s also a show that has a lot of originality. 

In the first episode, the children of Pluto’s new home learn about the world of magic and science.

A few of them have never seen a telescope before. 

“A whole generation of kids have never really seen a whole bunch of science fiction,” says co-creator Emma Lee.

“The show is really trying to introduce these kids to science fiction as a whole.” 

“The show has a really good story, and it’s really interesting to watch the first few episodes,” says Lucy Russell, co-founder of the Pluto TV community and mother of Pluto TV’s first two kids. 

The first episode of Mom TV shows an astronaut landing on a planet orbiting the sun. 

And while we haven’t seen much of Pluto in the show’s first few hours, there’s a good chance we’ll get a closer look soon. 

For now, Mom TV is an interesting experiment in trying to figure out how TV and technology can complement each other in a way that doesn’t disrupt the show and its viewers.

“This is not a one-off,” says Lee.

“We’ve done a lot to make sure that it’s as immersive as possible,” she says. 

There are some notable challenges with this particular mini-episode, though.

First, it’s a mini-set, so it can only be viewed in 360º. 

Second, it only covers a fraction of Pluto.

Lee says the show is aiming to fill in the gaps in the space available to parents and kids, while still keeping the series grounded. 

As for the show itself, the creators are hoping to make it accessible to a broader audience than its original audience.

“I think we want to try to reach as wide a audience as we possibly can,” says Russell. 

Lee hopes that viewers will be able to discover a whole new way to watch their favorite shows on TV.

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