House viewers watched the House of Cards season 2 finale twice as many times as House of Thrones, according to data from Nielsen.

And the show has a whopping 27 million viewers overall.

And while the numbers show that the show’s ratings may be dropping, it’s not because of viewership drops in other shows.

The ratings of the House show are not affected by viewership drops of House of the Cards or any other show that has been on the air for over a year.

The House of Secrets is also getting some good ratings, but it is down from the premiere and its final episode.

The second episode of the show, “House of Secrets,” is now the highest-rated episode of House in the history of the network.

This is the first time in nearly four years that House of House has had the highest rating ever.

In fact, the House season 2 ratings are actually down 13 percent from the first season.

House of Shadows is currently averaging just 2.4 million viewers per episode, according, Nielsen.

It has not yet finished its season.

House of Cards is the highest rated cable drama ever.

It’s been on for two seasons and has been watched by more than 1 billion viewers.

House has also been the #1 show in the ratings for the last five years.

But, it has been off the air since last season.

The most recent season was the worst ever, with 2.6 million viewers.

This season is on the cusp of being the worst season in House history.

House is averaging just over 3 million viewers, and House of Swords has been averaging over 3.3 million viewers each week for the past six weeks.

In terms of viewership, House of Secret is the only House show that is still on the cable network.

In its fourth season, House is a ratings hit with over 1 billion total viewers.

The show’s average viewership is now 2.2 million viewers a week, and it has averaged over 3 billion total views.

House premiered in October 2018, and the show was renewed for a fifth season in February 2019.

The last two seasons have been cancelled and a fourth season is expected in 2019.

House currently has the highest ratings ever for a House drama, with a total of 1.76 million viewers in the Nielsen ratings.

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