A man posing as a TV host on YouTube and posing as the owner of a nearby condominium building is selling real estate, a new survey shows.

The man, who calls himself DontBuck the Great, claims to own a condominium on South Santa Monica Boulevard, according to a survey by real estate brokerage Knight Frank.

He’s a self-described “real estate mogul,” who claims to be the owner and operator of the Condo 5 Condo, which sits on the corner of Santa Monica and Alamo Streets.

Knight Frank asked for comment Wednesday, and the man did not respond.

But the company says it has been working with Knight Frank for several months to help it identify potential scam artists.

DontBucket the Great claims to have $2.8 million in his account, including an investment in a condo in the area, Knight Frank said in a statement.

He’s also offered to give Knight Frank $1,000 in return for identifying him.

The company says the man’s online sales activity is growing rapidly and that he’s been known to advertise in local media.

The real estate mogul also claims to sell real estate on Craigslist, and has also posted online photos of his property.

Knight Frank says the condominium he’s selling is located on a parcel owned by his wife and children.

The listing has been taken down.

The firm says its analysis of the sales activity shows that there are a few common patterns that indicate the person is not trustworthy.

The most common is that the buyer and seller are connected.

A lot of the people buying the property are family members.

There’s no evidence of the buyer’s identity.

The real estate broker is selling the condo as the property is under renovation and has “significant” issues, Knight Franks said.

The condominium is worth more than $1 million, it said.

The condominium isn’t listed as “unoccupied” on the California Department of Finance’s website, but the condos on South Orange and Westlake Streets in South Los Angeles are listed as empty.

The buyer is a relative, and Knight Frank isn’t sure if the buyer is related to the buyer, the firm said.

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