The Globe and Mail has put out a new video highlighting some of the best ways to spot false alarms in the media.

“Forget the news, forget everything.

Watch the news on a computer or mobile device and check the box that says ‘Do not click.’

If you click, it means that you’re being lied to,” reads the new video.

“There are thousands of false alarm alerts a day that could be your way of keeping your eyes open.”

It is also important to note that most of these false alarms are not caused by any specific event in the world, but are often caused by a lack of education, misinformation and social distancing, as well as a lack or a fear of speaking up.

Read more: What are some of your top tips for avoiding false alarms?

In a recent blog post, former ABC News investigative reporter Josh Lederman said the news is “the most powerful tool we have against lying”.

“There are literally millions of lies being told every day in the United States and most of them are not true,” he said.

“But every single one of them can be used to get you to do a wrong thing, to take a wrong action, to lie.”

For example, there have been false reports that President Donald Trump had been shot at least five times in the past week, and a false report that a federal court had ordered a judge to throw out a lawsuit.

In addition to being used by police to find out whether a person is lying, the false alarm can also be used by people to commit crimes.

In 2016, police in North Carolina arrested a man for allegedly shooting and killing a woman who had threatened to file a lawsuit against him for his alleged involvement in a domestic violence incident.

In May, a woman in Ohio allegedly used her phone to broadcast a video she had recorded of a man she had been dating and then fatally stabbed him to death.

In a case earlier this month, a man in California was charged with allegedly breaking into a house in his underwear, stealing money from it and taking the phone number of a woman he had previously dated.

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