I was born and raised in Australia, and my family has always been very passionate about the country.

The thing that has always really tickled me is how we can’t be here and not be involved in this country’s story.

So I’ve always wanted to be part of that.

The Tonight Show star Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Melissa (above) were in the UK for the British premiere of ‘The Night’s King’, the second of three new series about a man who becomes King of England and takes control of his own kingdom.

Fallon and co-stars Kate Winslet, Melissa McCarthy, Sarah Jessica Parker and James Corden appeared on the programme, with Fallon talking about his family’s involvement in the royal family.

Melissa McCarthy and James Stewart in the new series, ‘The King in the Yellow Rose’, set in the reign of Henry VIII.ABC/REX/ShutterstockMelissa has been a long-time supporter of the royal families, and she has also been very vocal about her support for Scottish independence and her views on how Scotland should be run.

She said: I’m definitely not one to be silent.

I’m not one of those people who’s afraid to say anything because I think it’s important to have that dialogue.

The Royal family are a hugely popular group of people, and they have a lot of respect for the monarchy, and that is why I’m so passionate about this project.

Mel and I are so excited to be involved with The Night’s Kingdom, and I’m very proud of the way that this series will go down.

I can’t wait to get to work.

We’re just delighted to be on the set of a new series.

I think the first show we did with [producer] David Chase [had a bit of a] cult following in Australia and that was just incredible.

We loved it.

Mel said: The show is so different.

I think there’s a lot more of the old-school, funny humour.

You know, I can see it from the characters.

I was going to ask Jimmy if he’d be open to being interviewed, but he said ‘I’m not going to talk’.

I think he was just enjoying the moment and he wanted to keep himself to himself, but I thought it was really important to see the show on the big screen.

Mel also revealed that she was not the only Australian to be interviewed, with her Australian counterpart, Sophie Turner, also appearing on the show.

She said: When you have this show on screen, you realise just how much this country means to everyone, and you just want to share that with everyone.

I’m so proud of them, and just hope that they all enjoy it as much as I do.

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