A new service has arrived from Hulu.

Hulu Live TV, a bundle of its own on its streaming service, has a lot in common with other services on the platform, but it’s actually more than that.

Instead of focusing on traditional cable channels, Hulu Live will be able to offer more than 10 live sports, documentaries, music, news and more, according to the service’s announcement.

It will also allow users to watch movies on demand, including Amazon’s Prime Instant Video.

The service also lets you rent movies, TV shows and other content.

Hollywood and TV companies have been slow to embrace the live TV service, but the company’s new acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks means it’s starting to gain traction.

And with the introduction of Hulu Plus, there’s no reason to believe that Hulu Live isn’t here to stay.

Related:Hulu’s $99 ‘Hulu Premium’ bundle launches todayHulu is a cable TV company that focuses on original programming and entertainment, with a focus on original movies and series, original dramas and documentaries, and live sports.

The company has made a name for itself as a major player in the sports and entertainment landscape.

It recently acquired Time Warner in a $49 billion deal, and it plans to launch a standalone streaming service in 2018, as well.

The new Hulu service will be available to users on a monthly basis.

For $99 a month, users will have access to the most popular channels and shows on Hulu Plus (all of which will be streamed on demand), plus a number of sports, comedy and original programming from major networks like ESPN, TBS, TNT and AMC.

Hulu Plus will be powered by Hulu.com, Hulu Plus TV, and Hulu Now, Hulu’s video-on-demand service.

The company said the service will “offer a more streamlined and integrated experience across the Hulu family of products,” and it’s a move aimed at making Hulu a more convenient place to watch content.

It will be “the only place you can watch your favorite sports, entertainment and entertainment-inspired content,” the company said.

It’s unclear when Hulu Live might launch, but we expect to hear more about it in the coming weeks.

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