Now streaming on SlingTV, is the first online service to offer live TV in the U.S. and beyond, with local channels and apps to get you in the mood for your favourite sports.

But it’s a new service that doesn’t yet have a name, and it’s not a household name.

But in a few short months, it will have a big, big name.

“Sling TV is the one platform that is bringing people together, to share in the love of the sporting world, and to get access to all the best local sports programming in the country,” said Jon Cohen, SLS, the company behind the service.

Cohen said Sling will be a “one-stop shop” for anyone who wants to catch up on a big-screen sport, with a wide selection of live local channels.

It will also offer a range of other online channels, including an option to watch local TV on the big screen.

“We’re committed to bringing a broader range of content to people,” he said.

“For those of us who are not sports fans, this will be the gateway to the sport and entertainment ecosystem.”

The launch of Sling is not the first time Sling has been used for sports viewing.

It launched its streaming service to the US last year, but it is the largest to date.

The new service is also the latest in a series of major moves by the company.

In October, Solfair, the internet-based TV service that operates in South America, launched in the United States.

It will be available to users in the States for the first four months of next year.

Sling also announced it was working on an international sports TV service, and said it would bring sports content from around the world to the U, which is the biggest market for sports.

Last year, Sulfi, the Australian-owned TV provider, launched its own online streaming service, SSAO, that has been in place since May.

It is the most popular of its kind in Australia, and will be launched in October.

Then there’s the move to bring Sling sports content to the iPhone and iPad, with the app for the iPhone now available for free.

On the mobile side, Sled TV now has a YouTube channel and an app for Android phones, although it will not have a full-fledged app on the platform for iOS, the platform on which the service is currently available.

Despite the launch of the new Sling service, Cohen said the platform remains a niche in the sports arena.

“There are some very compelling reasons to want to watch sports on the internet,” he told the ABC.

He said SLS was aiming to bring all the sports content available on SLSTV to mobile devices.

“In order to get the full benefit of this platform, we need to make sure that we’re delivering a lot of local programming, and we need the same level of local content on our platforms,” he explained.

“This is the way we’re going to do it.”

This will be our first and foremost digital service, so we’re aiming to deliver the best quality sports content on the web.

“Sling has a team of around 1,000 staff, including the head of content marketing and business development, who will be in charge of delivering the content to mobile users, he said, adding the company will “continue to roll out additional content” on mobile devices as well.

SlingTV is a free service that will cost $25 per month to a mobile user.

The service has no set launch date, but Cohen said it will roll out more content as it develops.

He said it was important to ensure that users had access to local TV, so there was no “bargaining over the price”.”

The price is not what matters to us, but the content is,” he added.

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