Netflix is preparing to take over the world of streaming TV and internet TV, in a way that is a little like taking over the movie industry in the early days of the internet.

Netflix is the most widely watched television network on the internet and is the third most popular cable provider after Verizon and Comcast.

And Netflix has also started to expand into the movie business.

The company is getting some of the same technology and expertise that its rivals are acquiring and investing in, but Netflix is betting on its ability to become a much bigger player in the video space than its peers, analysts say.

It is investing in the kinds of new technologies and technologies that will drive new business models, including the streaming of shows, movies and more on the web.

Netflix has an impressive list of investors, including Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Andre Borschberg and Andreessen Media.

It has already built up some of that expertise, with the acquisition of streaming content provider Stream.

It recently added HBO Go to its library.

Netflix also has a big presence in the movie theater, offering the feature-length, $15 per month HBO Go package.

Netflix says its goal is to have more than 100 million subscribers worldwide by 2021.

Netflix has also hired some of its most seasoned TV producers to help guide the company.

One of the top producers is former FX president Paul Lee, who has helped launch Netflix’s TV business.

Lee said he believes Netflix is poised to have the biggest impact in the world’s streaming video industry.

But Netflix is still in the process of building out its content library and the company needs to keep innovating to become the new Netflix, he said.

“Netflix is a very different beast,” Lee said.

“We want to be the leader in this space and we are very committed to that goal.”

Netflix has already started to explore new ways to sell subscriptions, which could help make it more competitive with other online video services.

And in the next few months, the company is likely to add additional features to its basic package, which offers access to basic TV shows and movies for just $7 per month.

Netflix recently announced plans to open a new video service in India, with a focus on sports and comedy.

Netflix’s goal is that the company will dominate the global streaming video market by 2020.

But as it works to take on the world as the leading provider of TV and film, Netflix will also have to make sure that its core business remains stable.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the company would “always keep our focus on creating content that works for people around the world.”

He said Netflix is “still in the business of making movies and television and movies and TV shows for fans.”

And as its core service is expanding, Netflix is likely also to continue to make movies, he added.

Netflix is already looking to hire a new chief executive.

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