By David Brace and Mark J. RebilasUpdated Apr 25, 2019 11:25:33The best teams in the NHL may be the best teams at beating teams that have been around longer than them.

This season’s top two teams in both goals against and power-play goals allowed are the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings.

Both of those teams have a lot to prove against the Rangers, but if the Red Wings can get past them, they might have a shot at beating them again.

But that doesn’t mean that these teams have no chance of winning the Stanley Cup.

Both are likely to be very good, even if they haven’t been for a long time.

In a recent article on, I looked at how well the two teams are doing against each other this season.

I took a look at the team’s performance on the power play, in terms of goals scored and shot attempts, and looked at whether those teams’ teams had played against each others in the past.

I wanted to take a look back at how these teams were doing against the other team’s best players, and whether they could get past the Rangers’ defense to get back to the Stanley Series.

This is a chart showing how the Blackhawks and Red Wings were doing relative to each other against each of the top five teams in goals against.

This shows how the two have fared against each each other over the past two seasons.

These are two of the four best teams the Blackhawks have faced this season, and they’ve done so by being very good at beating their competition.

On average, the Blackhawks scored a goal against each team’s top player four times out of five.

That’s a huge difference from the two that were playing each other at the start of the season, when each team was scoring a goal each time they faced them.

In fact, in the last three seasons, the Hawks have outscored their competition four to three.

On the other hand, the Red Wing’s defense has been pretty much flawless against the Blackhawks.

They’ve scored six goals against Chicago in the first four games of the Stanley Tournament, and five against Detroit in the three games that have followed.

The Blackhawks, though, have been getting good shots against each one of the teams that are better than them this season: Chicago has had six shots against the Red Stars in the series, and four against the Stars in their first game of the series.

That means that the Red Devils have had to play much better against Chicago than they did against the Hawks.

The Red Wings have had five shots against Chicago, but they’ve only allowed one goal against the Wings.

Detroit’s only goal against them this year was a power play goal against Sidney Crosby.

The teams that beat Chicago have been playing against the best players on each other’s team.

They also have played against other teams that the Blackhawks might have trouble with.

For instance, Detroit has played against the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Los Angeles Kings.

Both teams have good teams, but the Blackhawks are probably a lot better than Pittsburgh, and the Red Bulls are probably better than Los Angeles.

The Detroit Red Wing has had to deal with the Blues, Blackhawks, and Blackhawks in a row, and has not been able to get any of them to beat them.

But they’ve had a tough time against the rest of the NHL.

They’ve outscaled their opponents by a margin of 10 goals per game, but that’s a lot more than it should be.

The Red Wings haven’t done that well in recent years.

The Blackhawks have had a good season but not great.

The Rangers have outshined Chicago and Detroit this season by a lot, but haven’t won a series.

Chicago has won the Presidents’ Trophy, the Hart Trophy, and is the best team in the league.

The Wings have won the Cup three times in five seasons, but it’s been in three different years.

The Blues have had some issues against the Penguins this season and have lost four of the last five.

The Rangers have won three straight games and are still in first place in the East.

The Stars have been the best offensive team in hockey this season at scoring and getting to the net, but have struggled against the better teams in their conference.

The Stars have won all three games against the Blues and have been able for some time to outshoot their opponents.

The Blues have struggled with good teams and have struggled to score, but Dallas has had trouble against the Sedins.

The Bruins are the best defensive team in league history, but are struggling against the Capitals.

The Devils have a chance to repeat as Presidents’ Champions, but Boston is playing better than New Jersey.

The Islanders are the only team that hasn’t had to face a team with a better power-possession record.

They beat the Flyers, Capitals, and Kings in two of their three games this season; they’ve also outscouted the Flyers and Capitals.

The Panthers and Bruins have

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