In the year 2017, the Indian Football Federation (IFF) was formed in an attempt to create a league-based version of the world’s oldest game, Football.

The league has played for the past 15 years, but its first foray into the international game was in the year 2000, when it hosted the inaugural edition of the AFC Cup, a competition between England and India.

The game has since become one of the biggest events in India and is considered a major cultural touchstone of the country.

In this exclusive interview with TalkSport, the IFF’s president Sunil Dixit talks about what has made the game of football so special, the importance of the World Cup and how the game has been growing globally in recent years.

What are your ambitions with this league?

The IFF is an organisation of players, coaches and supporters, and the first step towards making the game more accessible to everyone, irrespective of income level, status or geographic location.

The club is also aiming at being an important part of the local community.

It is our job to support the local players and promote the game in a way that has relevance for the city of Mumbai.

What does the club look for in a coach?

Our coaches are not the type who will be looking for a top talent in the league.

The job of our coaches is to give our players the best possible opportunity.

A coach’s job is to educate the players and give them confidence.

How do you know a coach’s credentials?

We have an application process, we have a detailed interview, and then we send it off to our club for a review.

We look for coaches who have the following attributes: 1) They are an experienced coach; 2) They know the game and have been in the game for a long time; 3) They can understand the game; 4) They understand the Indian game.

How does a coach make the transition from club to club?

We need to be very careful.

We need good leadership, good organisation, and we need to know our players.

Who is the most important person for the club?

The manager is important.

The coach must know his players well.

What are the criteria for selecting coaches?

We go to the best of the best coaches in the country, and if we can’t find a good one, we are looking for other coaches from other countries.

What’s the process for selecting the best coach?

We try to select the coaches who are experienced in the English league and who have experience coaching in the Indian league.

They have to be experienced in coaching international players, and they have to have the coaching background of a coach who has been in India for a while.

How many coaches are available?

We do have a list of coaches that we can put up.

When we have more coaches, we will put up lists.

How long is the process?

There are three phases: 1.

Our team is made up of the coaches from the three clubs.


We give them a detailed written evaluation.


The team is selected.

Are the coaches on the list of players who are to be eligible?

Yes, we select the players who have been playing the game here for a very long time.

Do the coaches have to agree to the selection?


They can be offered an opportunity to coach in the future.

Who decides if a coach is qualified?

The club will decide.

Are they paid for the work they do?

No, the coaches are paid for their time, their time in the team and the time they spend in training and with the players.

How much do they earn?

A coach who can be paid $1,000 per month is eligible to coach.

Do they receive any compensation?

They receive no compensation.

They do get some bonuses from their club.

How are the players paid?

The players are paid a fixed fee, which is a fixed amount for the season.

The fixed fee is the amount that the players are supposed to earn.

How can the players make the most of this?

We ask them to work hard and try to make the team better.

They are the ones who have to do it.

What happens when a coach resigns?

The player must give a statement on the coach’s resignation.

What is the compensation?

If a coach has resigned, the player gets an apology letter.

How will the team get players who aren’t eligible?

We also have a team who is looking for coaches from abroad.

What will be the process to bring the coaches back?

If the coaches can’t be found, we bring them back.

Is the coaching based on a salary?


The coaches are only paid a salary.

Are there any restrictions on how many coaches can be on the team?

No but the coaching team needs to meet certain standards.

How is the coaching system organised?

Each coach is given a role in the coaching squad.

There is also a coaching staff.

Are coaches selected randomly?

No team is randomly selected.

What kind of

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