By now you may have seen news reports about Apple’s latest iOS update.

The latest software update brings new features and a new way of tracking your health data.

But, as it turns out, you may be asking yourself, “when will my iPhone finally be capable of reading my health records?”

Apple’s HealthKit has been the subject of many speculation since it was announced last year.

While some were excited by its promise of “personal health data”, others were skeptical about the accuracy of its data, particularly when it comes to the type of information it was collecting.

Apple has also been criticized for its reliance on third-party data providers, such as the British-based company, Data Express, and data brokers such as Credo and Socrata.

The latter has been criticized by privacy advocates for failing to fully safeguard its data.

The Apple Watch has a new feature called HealthKit, which allows you to track your health through your Apple Watch.

However, you can also track it with HealthKit on your smartphone.

It is also possible to connect your Apple device with the HealthKit app on your iPhone.

To begin tracking your data, go to the Apple Watch Settings page.

Tap the Health icon next to your Apple ID, and tap “Connect.”

This will bring up a list of HealthKit devices.

Select your iPhone from the list, and select the Health app from the left-hand menu.

To start the Health App, tap the Health Icon next to HealthKit.

On the next screen, tap “Health.”

Once connected, you will see a list on your Health app of your Health data.

Tap on “Health” to begin the Health information collection process.

The Health app will then start collecting Health information from your iPhone, including your current location, the time and date you woke up, the type and intensity of your symptoms, your sleep patterns, and your overall health.

The Health app can also report changes to your health, including the date and time your symptoms began and ended, the frequency of your ailments, and the severity of your illnesses.

This information is useful for people who want to better understand their health and can help them plan for the future.

Apple says that HealthKit is the first Apple product that can collect Health information and that you can track your data through it.

HealthKit uses location-based information from Apple Health, and when your iPhone is connected to Health, it uses the Health data to create personalized health reports.

The information collected by HealthKit will be used to improve Health apps and services that are available on Apple devices.

The new Health app does not require you to have an Apple Watch to be able use it.

However if you already have an iPhone and are interested in adding the Health service to it, you must connect your iPhone to Health.

To access HealthKit from your iOS device, go into Settings.

Under Health, tap Health.

You will then be able tap “Device Health.”

You can also access the Health API and add your Health information through the Health SDK.

The SDK will automatically build Health data from HealthKit with Health app data, and you can access it from your Health account.

In addition to Health information, HealthKit also has Health stats for the Apple Health app and the Apple Pay app.

These stats show the amount of time you have spent at work, how much time you spend on the couch, and how much you spend online.

These statistics can help you plan your day, or help you track your progress toward goals you set in the Apple App Store.

If you use the Health services from Health, you should also know that you will be able add Health stats to your Health App.

Apple Health will also integrate Health data with Apple Pay to create Health app-based experiences for users.

In a separate article on the Apple website, Apple said that Health data will also be used for other Apple Health services, including Apple Watch, Apple Music, and Apple Pay.

Health data can also be linked to a user’s location.

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