Axios cover | The House of Cards writer, showrunner and executive producer Mark Boals first landed a reality-TV gig back in 2012, but the network ultimately picked up his show for a second season and his other credits on the show include “The Real Housewives of New York City” and “The Walking Dead.”

Now he’s taking over for executive producer/showrunner Beau Willimon on The Big Bang Theory, but he says his job is not to be Boals showrunner.

Instead, Boals job is to bring his experience in the industry to the table and work with other writers to write, produce and exec produce new shows that will be more of an evolution of the show.

He says his main goal is to create a show that is more like a network TV show and that his shows are meant to be about a lot of different characters and topics.

He likens it to a “house show,” and when he was working with the “Big Bang” cast, he says they didn’t just focus on one character but the whole family.

He believes that The Big Bash, which airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

ET, will be a show with a different focus than previous seasons of The Big Picture, The Big House, The Family and The Bachelor.

“The format that we’ve set up now is, it’s really about relationships, it takes a big focus on family,” he said.

“It’s a lot about building on our characters and their relationships.”

That’s exactly what Boals hopes his new series will be.

“I hope we’re creating a show where you don’t need to have a lot more than a family, you don,t need a lot,” he added.

“You just need to know someone.”

And for Boals, his job isn’t just to write and produce, but also to be a producer and director of a new show.

So, what is the job?

The job is basically just to make a show for your network and make it better, he said, adding that you’ll need a “big budget.”

Boals job involves not just writing the scripts, but overseeing the production of the shows as well as the showrunners, executive producers and the other writers.

“That’s really what it is,” he explained.

“We want to create great content and we want to put people in situations where they can be inspired to make great content.”

Boos production of a show takes a lot longer than most shows.

In fact, Boal said he takes “about six months to write the first season” and that the show will be filmed in “a couple months.”

“It takes a long time to make the episodes,” he continued.

“And I think that we are in the early stages of a really good season, and I think we’re going to see a lot better things happen over the next couple of months.”

Boons job also involves the production staff, including actors, wardrobe and makeup artists and production designers.

He said he’s been lucky to work with a cast of people he considers his “friends.”

“There’s a great cast of actors that I think will be great collaborators and will be really great writers and producers and will make good content,” he joked.

And it’s all about being a family-oriented show.

“It’s about family, and the characters and how they relate to each other,” he says.

“The show needs to be family-centric.

If you want to be on a network, you have to have that.”

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