A few weeks ago, Fox News announced it was rolling out a new TV show called The Big Picture, in which guests would talk about issues facing the country.

Since then, the network has had a slew of new shows, including a new “Bigger Picture” with Sean Hannity and others.

But there has been little word about what they are saying, except for some of the most memorable segments.

We’ve gathered a few of the highlights, and they will make you laugh. 

 The New York Times, on November 6, 2017, ran a story on how the Fox News show “The Big Picture” was changing the way the network was advertising. 

“In the past, the show has been seen as a cheap shot at the Republican Party, but Fox News said it is changing that to focus on issues that will resonate with viewers.

This time, the new show, called The Trump Files, will air on a nightly basis from 9 p.m. to midnight and will be a new way to discuss the president, including his tweets and policy positions.

Fox News also said it will show clips of the president’s interviews with guests, and it will run an audio clip of each interview.” 

 “The president is not alone in feeling his frustrations with the news media,” the article continued.

“The White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has also been criticized by some news outlets, including The Times, for not doing enough to counter the attacks on his administration.

The show is the first time Fox News has tried to create a show for the president to watch while in office, said a White House official. 

The show is expected to air on Fox News Channel at 9 p,m.

EST on Thursday, November 6. 

On Friday, the New York Post ran an article that mentioned the “big picture” show. 

It was titled, “The Trump Files: How the White House is airing a new version of its Big Picture show.” 

The Post noted that Fox News was not commenting on the show.

It added, “If there is any real difference between The Big Issue and The Trump Papers, it is that the Big Issue will be hosted by Sean Hannity, a conservative who often pushes the limits of political correctness on Fox.

The Trump File is a different beast.

It will be produced by the White Street Journal, which was the source of the story on The Big Debate, which ended with Trump’s comments about a protester at a rally.” 

Fox News has been on a roll lately, and is now in the midst of a new season of its hit show, ” The Five,” in which Sean Hannity takes on one of the top news anchors in the country, Anderson Cooper. 

In addition to Hannity, there are also a number of other guests in the show, including Fox News’s senior political analyst, Tucker Carlson. 

Fox’s new “The Five” is being made up of guest hosts including: Hannity, Carlson, and former CNN anchor Brian Stelter. 

One of the guests in that show will be former President Bill Clinton, who will be joined by guests including Trump, his son, and his daughter, Chelsea. 

HANNITY, CARLSON, and TUCKER CARLSEN are set to appear in “The One with Bill Clinton,” a new show about the former president that premieres Thursday, December 3. 

According to the Post, the Trump File will be the latest show to take advantage of the internet to spread its message.

The network is reportedly spending millions of dollars on advertising to get the program up and running, including hiring a digital marketing team that will distribute Trump files to thousands of homes. 

That network is now also reportedly planning to create an online version of the show to spread the message to new audiences, with hosts that are not part of the program. 

At the very least, the “Trump Files” will give Fox viewers a new and unique way to talk about the issues that they care about. 

(h/t to The Daily Beast)

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