WATCH: WATCH: Netflix-TV series ‘House Of Cards’ to be on Hulu, Amazon, HBO Now, and Roku starting November 24, 2018, Hulu, the streaming service, announced.

Netflix will be airing the fourth season of ‘House’, which was first released in 2017.

The fourth season will be the series finale, with the final episode airing in December 2018.

Netflix has not yet announced a premiere date for the fourth series.

House of cards star Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey) and House of Cards creator Beau Willimon (Benedict Cumberbatch) have been the subject of several high-profile controversies over the past year, with Spacey facing accusations of sexual misconduct, including accusations of raping a woman who was working as a model and later allegedly telling another woman, “I’m sorry you’re not having sex with me anymore.”

In September, Netflix announced that the show will be pulled from its streaming platform in 2019.

In October, Netflix released a statement on its website that it was not changing its policy on the series and it would continue to release new episodes in 2018.

In November, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told reporters that the company was looking at reopening the series in 2020.

“It’s really hard to put a timetable on a series that is not a TV series.

But I think if we start looking at the possibility of doing it in 2020, we’ll be looking at doing it a year later,” Hastings said.”

We’re going to make a decision at some point, we’re not going to rush into it.”

Netflix is also releasing a second trailer for the new season, which stars Kevin Spaceiness (Kevin Bacon), Kevin Murphy (John Lithgow), and David Harbour (Kiernan Shipka).

Watch the teaser below:

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