Engadgadget – 6.4.16 The first “free speech” TV stand will be made by the maker of the “Cancel TV” app, the company says.

The “Cancellable TV” platform allows you to cancel a program or series from the Netflix app, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, HBO Now, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, HBO NOW On Demand, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Hulu Mobile, Hulu’s video service and more.

The “Cancer and Reproductive Harm Act” also prohibits the use of the platform to promote harmful material.

Called “Cancers and Reproduction Harm,” the law also prohibits “misrepresentation” of the harms caused by the “cancers and reproductive harms.”

The “cancellation TV” is a “platform that enables people to cancel content from the web or mobile apps or other content sources,” the company wrote.

“The app will enable the user to cancel, delete, and move content from any of the sites on the platform and cancel on-demand shows, films, or other digital content that has been advertised or promoted to the user.

Cancellation of a service can be done in multiple ways.”

The platform also allows the user “to add any of their favorite TV shows and movies to the list of available content and choose whether or not they want to view them on the site.”

“You can also set up your own custom list of content that is on offer at a specific time and time of day,” the post said.

“You can even set your own expiration date and start viewing when the current date expires.

You can also have the app automatically save the list for future viewing.”

In addition to Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now (formerly Sling TV), the platform will include other services that include HBO Go, HBO, HBO Go Plus, Hulu Unlimited, YouTube Red, Amazon, Xbox Video, Amazon Echo, Hulu Now, Amazon Video, HBONow, Hulu Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Movies Unlimited, Netflix, Amazon Play Movies, HBO Movies, Amazon TV, Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Hulu Go, Amazon Web Services, Hulu Kids Unlimited, Google Play Movies and more, the app’s post said, adding that the “Netflix and Hulu apps will be updated to reflect these changes.”

“If you’re not familiar with the Netflix and Hulu app, check out our guides on how to use the apps to find your favorite movies and TV shows,” the “Free Speech” website stated.

“Netflix also offers an easy way to watch content from other sources including Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Videos, as well as access the latest episodes and movies from Amazon Prime.”

The site noted that the platform’s “CANCELLABLE TV” will also feature a “cancel button” that will allow you to “delete” any of your “cancable content.”

The “cancescroll” function will allow users to cancel “a program or show” from Netflix, HBO or HBO Go.

The app will then automatically delete the program or shows.

The company said it “looks forward to bringing more of this new technology to the consumer market.”

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