Watch pluto TV and Pluto apps will become available on October 28 to all customers, according to Pluto’s website.

In the US, the device can be bought for $149.99 on Amazon.

The device will be available at the Apple Store, Walmart and Best Buy, the company said.

Pluto TV will allow you to stream HD, VHS, digital and streaming content, as well as listen to your favourite music and sports events on your TV.

You will also be able to stream live sporting events from across the globe via PlutoTV, the Pluto spokesperson said.

“PlutoTV can stream to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Apple TV, and can even stream your favourite sports and music channels on your Apple TV,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

Pluto is a US company founded by a trio of Australian entrepreneurs in 2012, including the then-24-year-old Alex Egan.

Plutons television will be powered by the Roku brand, the same company that launched its own streaming service, as its primary product.

The Roku platform will be made available in the US and Canada at the same time as the Plutons device.

Pluts TV is the first TV device to offer online streaming, allowing customers to stream content directly to their devices.

Platinum TV, the brand behind Pluto, said it has already partnered with several major broadcasters including Fox, ESPN and NBC, with more to come.

It is also planning to launch in the UK and other European countries.

With its new devices, Pluto is trying to compete with Apple, which has a huge audience in Australia and around the world.

Apple TV has been available in Australia since December 2016.

Pluby, a Chinese TV streaming service that started in the U.K. and has been bought by Netflix in 2017, also plans to launch its first Australian TV service.

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