Posted October 19, 2018 06:14:48As the government tries to find a solution for its most pressing challenges, it will likely have to consider several strategies for the coming months.

The cabinet is expected to meet in the coming days and hold a roundtable on the state of the economy, as well as the next phase of negotiations.

The meeting comes as the economy continues to suffer from the devastating effects of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus.

The cabinet will also decide on measures to protect public health, according to a statement issued by the prime minister’s office on Thursday.

“As a result of this crisis, the cabinet will decide on several measures that will ensure that the country remains in a state of stability and peace,” the statement said.

“This meeting will include discussions about the next steps for the recovery and recovery of the country, including the implementation of the emergency measures and the measures for the rehabilitation of the citizens of Israel.”

The cabinet meeting is expected “to focus on the following topics: the economic situation, the economic and public health situation, as it relates to public health and the country’s overall security, including addressing the recent coronaviruses and the state’s efforts to prevent new outbreaks.”

According to the statement, the meeting will be held in the “last days of the year” and will take place “in coordination with the prime ministers office and other relevant government departments.”

A day of council workThe cabinet’s next meeting of the new year is expected on Tuesday.

The prime minister and his cabinet will convene at the prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem on October 27, the government said.

The prime minister, who is in charge of government operations, will chair the meeting, according the statement.

In addition, the new-year agenda will include “the following topics:”A meeting of senior officials of the government will be scheduled to discuss the progress of the current phase of the negotiations between the government and the Palestinian Authority.

“The meeting will also include the government’s strategy for the upcoming months, including measures for dealing with the coronas outbreak,” the government statement said, adding that the meeting is not likely to take place on Monday.

According to a source close to the prime minster, the ministers’ meetings will be more “consistent” in the future.

“We want the prime and the ministers to agree more and more on the details,” the source said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with representatives of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas representatives in a private meeting on Monday, the official said.

The Palestinian leader, who has been in office since January, will meet Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

In the coming weeks, the prime ministry is expected in a meeting with the head of the Israeli civil service, Avigdor Lieberman.

The two will discuss the future of the civil service and its future role.

Netanyahu will meet his defense minister, Avi Gabbay, on Monday in a “private” meeting, the security cabinet said in a statement.

The government will also hold a meeting of ministers of the military, with the defense minister and Gabbai in attendance.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu and Giddens will meet together with the finance minister and the defense chief, the statement added.

The government is expected later this month to hold a ministerial meeting of officials of all ministries to discuss issues of public health.

The ministerial meeting will “consist of a discussion on the implementation plan of the plan to provide public health services to all citizens of the state,” the prime source said, without providing further details.

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