The journey of a young man who’s overcome addiction and depression, and who, for decades, refused to take drugs to cope, has become an unlikely story of self-discovery and resilience.

The man, who goes by the name of Hank, was once a heroin addict, and his struggle was highlighted by the hit drama “Breaking Bad”.

In the series, Hank, played by Vince Gilligan, is a drug-addicted junkie who tries to make his life work while being constantly haunted by visions of his parents’ deaths.

His experiences in the series are a key moment in his recovery, and as he tries to put his demons behind him, Hank has become a role model for the millions of people in Ireland who have struggled with addictions.

In the last few years, his story has become more widely known.

His book, “Breaking My Addiction: A Life of Hope”, was published last year and the film “Breaking Free: Hank’s Journey from Heroin Addict to Recovery” is set to hit cinemas this summer.

Hank, now 46, is now living in a halfway house for drug addicts in Dublin, and while he is doing well, his wife and two daughters remain in a hostel with their grandmother.

I have a great deal of respect for Hank, and I know that he is trying to help people.

I just wish that he would stop trying to put me down for what I have done.

And I do know that if he does stop trying, I will not give up, he said.

But he is still haunted by the idea that he will not be able to get back to normal life.

For years, he had a long list of addiction problems and had tried everything to make things right.

He was addicted to heroin and alcohol, and the effects of his drugs were so bad that he was unable to work or even sleep.

The first time I saw him for the first time was after I had an operation for a ruptured appendix.

I said, “You look so happy, but I’m worried I won’t be able in the next week.”

He looked at me and said, in a voice so soft, “I’m going to be fine”.

When I got to the hospital, I said to him, “Is it possible that I’m not going to survive that operation?”

He looked down and said in a gentle voice, “No, it’s not possible”.

I said to Hank, “Well, it’ll be OK, you’ve got the money.

You’ll be fine.”

The following day, I went into my surgery, and there was a man who looked like Hank.

I was thinking, This is Hank, but this is different.

The surgery was very, very rough.

He had a big scar on his forehead and it looked like a broken heart.

He didn’t look like Hank at all.

He looked like the person who’d had the surgery.

He went to his room and sat on a sofa and wept.

I went into his room to see if I could talk to him.

He said, ‘You don’t know what you have done.”‘

I know what I’ve done is not right’When I went back to see him in his room, he was sitting in the chair.

He’d put on his big glasses and he had an enormous smile on his face.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I sat down beside him and said to the man, “Are you OK?””

No, I know what that means.””

I’m sorry.

“He said, and he was so sad.

I told him, I’m sorry for what you’ve done.

He just sat there with that blank look on his eyes.

I sat down next to him and told him.

It was the last time I talked to him in about six months.

Then I got a phone call.

I went to the phone box.

I could see a lot of tears.

I remember saying to him “You know, Hank?

I’ve been thinking about you.

You’re the one I’ve always wanted to talk to.”‘

A little bit of everything’The man was shocked.

He told me that he knew I had been thinking of him.

I started crying and told the man I couldn, and didn’t want to.

He wanted to know why.

I explained that I had stopped thinking of Hank.

He started crying.

I asked him what had happened.

I had tried to help him with his life.

I gave him a bit of what I had.

He knew what had been happening, but he didn’t know why, he just knew that I’d stopped caring.

I had a huge impact on him.

My job was to help Hank, so he knew what I meant to him at that moment.

When I came back to Ireland a few months later, I was surprised to see that he had changed his attitude.

He is a very different person to what he was when I first

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