2 Champions Leagues clubs have decided to cancel the filming of their games in bid of saving money. 

The teams are hoping to avoid having to pay for the tickets for every home match in the tournament and to avoid the expense of hiring extra staff in order to film the matches in the stadium. 

On the other hand, the decision will allow the clubs to make the tickets cheaper, as they will have to cover the cost of renting the stadium from the stadium company. 

“We can now focus on the TV production,” Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta said. 

Marotta has already announced plans to sell the tickets and rent the stadium to his own team, while the other teams will be able to use the stadium as a training ground. 

Both the clubs have also announced plans for a youth academy, and the clubs will be holding a training camp in the coming weeks. 

Although the decision was made, the announcement was made in secret and without the knowledge of the other clubs. 

According to the announcement, Juventus will also be the only team in the competition to use a replica of the famous Juventus Stadium as a pitch during training sessions, and it will be used as a “football stadium for youth development.” 

“Juventus is the only one who has a replica,” Marotta added. 

This will not only allow the team to have a football training ground on the pitch, but also allow them to hold their training sessions in a “new stadium.” 

According the statement, “the training sessions will be conducted in the new stadium.

This will also allow the development of young players, who will be playing in the league in the future. 

At the same time, the teams will continue to use their own facilities, with the exception of a small amount of space for food and water, which will be taken up by the youth academy.” 

 This announcement comes in the wake of the news that the Champions League will be held in Qatar, and Juventus has said that they are ready to travel to Qatar to compete there. 

A few weeks ago, Marotta also announced that the club will be buying back their old kit from its sponsors, which is expected to be a huge boost to their future revenues. 

 “The money will be invested into our development and the training facilities, and we will invest it for the future,” Marotto said.

“The shirt will not be replaced for another six years.

We will not sell the shirt and we are not interested in doing so.” 

Maratta is currently the President of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), and his decision to cancel all of his clubs games was seen as a blow to the governing body. 

Despite the announcement that the tournament will be in Qatar and that the players will not travel to the tournament, Maratta still intends to go to Qatar as a representative of the FIGC. 

Earlier this year, the FIGCA issued a statement saying that the association was in talks with the league about hosting the competition in Qatar. 

However, the statement has been seen as part of an attempt to influence the outcome of the tournament. 

For more on the upcoming Champions League, check out our live blog.

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